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National Luna 90L Legacy Fridge - Dual Zone

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The National Luna 90 Legacy Refrigerator & Freezer is the ideal fridge-freezer combination for recreational users. With separate fridge and freezer compartments, this is the ideal travel companion. Fitted with the new National Luna Compressor as well means more efficient than previous models meaning you food stays colder for longer and draws less power. Included with the fridge/freezer are 3 baskets to make sure you can make the most of the space provided.

If your looking for a reliable fridge/freezer with enough room for all of your goods, go no further than the NL90 

Designed and made in South Africa


  • Dual Compartment Fridge/Freezer with separate freezer lid
  • Unique Dual-Control Teechnology
  • New National Luna Off-road Compressor
  • Dual Digital Temperature Controller
  • Thermostat range 20ºC to -24ºC (right bin)
  • Thermostat range 20ºC to -18ºC (left bin)
  • 42mm high-density polyurethane insulation
  • Battery protection
  • Internal LED Light
  • Stainless steel Latches
  • Dual-direction lid
  • 5 x Baskets


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