8 Surprising uses for Bushwakka Awnings

8 Surprising uses for Bushwakka Awnings

Our freestanding awnings are popular with offroaders, campers and roadtrippers, but did you know you can use our awnings for a myriad of different uses?

1. Farmers Markets & Car Boot Sales

When you’re setting up for a car boot sale or farmer’s markets, a right hand side or left hand side freestanding awning can make the world of difference. Often these events go ahead, rain hail or shine so an awning can provide you with protection from the elements. The Aussie made U-Beaut Awning covers 20m2, giving you 2300mm depth of shade. This will easily give you the ability to set up a table loaded with organic produce or pre-loved treasures with shade/sun protections in literally minutes.

2. Motocross Events

Often motocross events are held in the middle of nowhere with little shade. Our awnings are much easier than setting up a gazebo and don’t take up any space inside the vehicle as they are attached to roof platforms. Once at your event, you can provide shade for your trail bike between events, undertake repairs in the shade or provide shelter from inclement weather for spectators who come to cheer you on.

3. Sports Spectating

Soccer mums and dads, sitting by the sideline cheering on your kids has never looked so enticing. You can forgo the big awkward umbrellas and set up your Bushwakka awning in minutes. Simply drive your vehicle as close as possible to the sideline and pop out the awning.

4. Replace flimsy beach tents

Head for the beaches where you can drive directly on to the sand. Don’t worry about flimsy beach tents, your Extreme 270 awning will provide you with wrap around protection for the passenger side and back. Attachable awning walls can provide you with extra added privacy for changing out of your swimmers, or block the sand that’s shifted by the wind from blowing into your area.

5. Food Vans or Coffee Vans

If you’re an on-the-go coffee barista or own a food van, Bushwakka awnings can be very handy, particularly if you need to get in and out of your van to serve food on those blistering hot summer days. They can also provide protection from the rain or sun for customers queuing for food and beverages.

6. Tradies

Using tools in the heat of the day doesn’t have to be a chore when you’re working outdoors. Set up a portable table near your ute or van, set up your Bushwakka awning, and you’ll be able to work more comfortably.

7. Extra space when camping

Rooftop tents can only comfortably sleep up to 2-3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids topping and tailing, so for those who are relegated to sleeping in swags on the ground, the Extreme 270 awnings can provide a little overhead protection at night. During the day, it can provide shade from the hottest part of the day.

8. Communal living space

Holidaying together, convoy style? If more than one of your vehicles is fitted with Bushwakka awnings, you can position your vehicles and set up the awnings to create a communal living space. This gives you more room to stretch out, a makeshift dressing room or play board games at night.

Due to the high demand for our awnings, it pays to pre-order well in advance to avoid disappointment or lengthy waiting periods.


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