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Sales FAQs

Trading Hours & Location


Trading Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 7:30am to 4:30pm

Friday: 7:30am to 12:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED



WE'VE MOVED IN in 2024!

1 Blanck Street, Ormeau, Queensland, 4208 Australia

Minimum Mounting Distances

  • TrueBlue Range = 1500mm between Brackets

  • Extreme Range = 1200mm between Brackets 

Mounting Advice

Mounting is best achieved using a Platform Rack System. 

There are generally distance limitations to pre-set Roof Rails.


NoteYour fitment must be within the Mounting Distances to ensure you do not void your Warranty.

Are your Awnings Freestanding?

Yes! - a lot of R&D has gone into our Awnings to create a Freestanding experience. With the introduction of the ENDO Frame the added support has reenforced its Freestanding ability minimising flex to the body. 

But, this does not mean it is designed to be operated without tie-down during Wind and Adverse Weather conditions. To prevent damage to your Awning, if you are leaving it unattended it is highly recommend you secure it via pegs and tie-downs. If you are in a Beach environment, always trail wind where you can and secure it via pegs and tie-downs.


Failure to operate the Awning appropriately can result in the void of your Warranty as we do not Warrant personal and wind related damage.

Do you have Resellers?

Yes, click here to view our active Resellers!

If the answer you seek is not found, please email Campers@bushwakka.com.au

Camper FAQs

Where can I view a Fakawi?

Bushwakka HQ a have Demo Model Fakawi available for viewing.

To ensure no disappointment on the day, please ensure you have contact the Office to book in a viewing with a member of our Camper Sales Team.


Note: the Demo Campers at times may be unavailable for viewing without notice so booking is paramount.

Do you have a Camper Reseller Network?

We have a Fakawi for viewing by appointment at the following:

  • Southern Adventure Gear, Ravenhall VIC - 0480 312 640
  • Tropic Accessories, Mackay QLD - (07) 4952 4122
  • Fulcrum/Activegear, Rockhampton QLD - (07) 4926 5600


More locations coming soon! Continue to watch this space...

What is the current lead time on a Drover or Fakawi?

6-7 Months from the date of deposit to the Sales Contract.


To ensure an accurate lead time estimate is provided, please contact the Camper Sale Team.

Are your Campers Australian Made?

No, our Drover & Fakawi Campers are an imported Campers.

Install Information on the Meg

If you wish to have the Meg Awning* installed on your Hybrid Camper this must be completed by either Bushwakka Adventure Gear directly, one of our authorised installation resellers (Southern Adventure Gear - Victoria or Top End Offroad - Cairnsor a request submitted to our Workshop Team Leader at sales@bushwakka.com.au outlining the following details: 

  • Measurement from the Front to Rear roofline of your Camper
  • Measurement from the TOP of the Door to the roofline (before the pop)
  • Contact Details for your Third-party Camper Installation Specialists

 *All Installations must meet minimum measurement requirements to ensure the Meg is the correct Awning for the specific size Hybrid Camper you own.

Note: Utilising a third-party outside is subject to approval and must be completed by a creditable location to ensure we met Safety & Installation Standards to ensure Customer satisfaction and our Legal obligations. All third-party installs will be subject to the Company that completed the works, inclusive of damage, warranty or maintenance of the Awning.

Installation by Bushwakka Adventure Gear directly will incur the following:

We require your Camper on a Monday drop-off (between 7:30am - 8:30am) and collection either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. 

The associated costs are:

  • The Meg Camper Awning (either 3.8m or 4.2m) - $2,999.00
  • Installation (Labor, Brackets, Waterproofing & Consumables) - $1,500.00

TOTAL = $4,499.00 

If you have any further questions, please complete our Contact Us form on our Website.