Ready For an Aussie Road Trip? Here's Why Fawaki Tribe Hybrid Camper Should Be Your Next Investment

Ready For an Aussie Road Trip? Here's Why Fawaki Tribe Hybrid Camper Should Be Your Next Investment

Ready for the ultimate Aussie road trip and can’t decide why an offroad Fawaki Tribe Hybrid Camper should be your next investment, instead of a soft floor camper, hard floor camper or rooftop tent? Perhaps you’re the Brady Bunch and being cramped up like sardines in tents? Ladies and Gents, It's time to upgrade to a Fakawi Tribe Offroad Hybrid Camper by Bushwakka! Not only will you experience the great outdoors in style and comfort, but you'll also enjoy the convenience, and flexibility that comes with owning a Hybrid camper.

So, why should a Fakawi Hybrid Hybrid Camper be your next investment? 

Exceptional Quality: The Fakawi Hybrid Camper is built to last. With a hot-dip galvanised steel chassis and aluminium body, it's rust-resistant and more durable than a cockroach in a nuclear apocalypse. Plus, its modular construction makes maintenance a breeze!

Comfortable Accommodation: The Fakawi Hybrid Camper is the Rolls-Royce of camping. With a spacious interior that would make a tiny house jealous, a cosy bed, and plenty of storage, you'll be camping like royalty. And with a well-equipped kitchen, you can cook up a storm and be the MasterChef of the campsite! There’s no need to drive miles before you come across the nearest Maccas or dine on greasy roadside diner food.

Off-Road Capabilities: The Fakawi Hybrid Camper has an off-road suspension system, heavy-duty tires, and high ground clearance making it the perfect vehicle to conquer any terrain. So, whether you're crossing rivers or in the Vic High Country, this Hybrid Camper will be your trusty steed!

Value for Money: Investing in a Fakawi Hybrid Camper is like buying a diamond. It's a long-term investment that will provide you with years of enjoyment and adventure. Plus, it can also serve as a second home, making it a versatile and valuable asset. Who needs a vacation home when you have a Fakawi Hybrid Camper? Plus with the cost of airfares and land accommodation continuing to skyrocket, it will pay itself off in no time at all.

Easy to set up: There’s no faffing about if you pull into camp late. Simply roll up, pop the electric top and unfold ‘The Meg’ awning, which comes as part of this amazing set-up. (You won’t have to pay for this as an optional extra) and you’re ready to relax, cast a rod to catch dinner or hit the beach.

Room for bulk storage: In the new Fakawi Tribe design there’s more for bulk storage for tables, chairs, scooters for the kids, swing balls, boogie boards etc.

Innovative layout: No more climbing over each other, this set-up features an east-west queen-size bed set-up that allows you to be able to walk around. We have also included ample clothes storage, so leave the suitcases behind. There’s also a club lounge with seating for four and if you’re interested in the 3-5 berth Hybrid Campers, there are also bunks for the kids. There’s also a large Combination Shower with hot and cold water, an electric flush toilet and an external Shower, loaded with Victron Gear and Solar Technology

In conclusion, if you want to camp like a boss and be the envy of the campsite, the Fakawi Hybrid Camper by Bushwakka is the way to go. It's an investment that will provide you with years of laughs, fun, and unforgettable memories. So, don't be a happy camper with a boring tent, upgrade to a Fakawi Hybrid Camper today and be a happy glamper!

Pre-order now for August 2023 delivery.

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