Bushwakka’s guide to Rooftop Tents: Australia Edition

Bushwakka’s guide to Rooftop Tents: Australia Edition

With the release of Bushwakka’s brand new Rooftop tent, The Shack, we thought it was time we compiled our guide to choosing the right Rooftop tent for your next outdoor adventure. So keep on reading, and enjoy our guide to rooftop tents.

Why buy a Rooftop tent?

With the airport delays around Australia becoming a regular occurrence, there’s even more reason to holiday at home this year. Technical glitches, staff shortages, missing luggage and rising fuel costs are just four of the reasons why your family should forfeit the overseas holiday to Fiji or Hawaii and explore Australia instead. The initial set-up of a Rooftop tent can be a little costly compared to your average run of the mill camping tent, but in the grand scale of things you’ll be saving on accommodation, flights and travel insurance. Besides, can you really put a price on creating memories of a lifetime?

1. Safety from animals and thing the go bump in the night

Rooftop tents provide safety from wild animals, creepies, crawlies and things that bite. They are ideal for Fraser Island, where there are dingos (while they look calm and tame, they have been known to attack humans). You’re less likely to encounter scorpions, crocodiles, fire ants, centipedes and all sorts of leggy critters when you’re on the roof of your vehicle.

2. What a view

Sleeping in a Rooftop tent will give you a good vantage point. Whether you’re beach camping or have an unpowered camping site next to Artesian bore holes, you’ll have a premium view, the equivalent of a balcony room at a 5-star resort. You don’t get much better than that!

3. Space-saving

Having a tent that is stored on the roof of your vehicle saves valuable boot space. It also means that if you don’t have to sleep one or two extras in your interior, there’s more room for storing your necessary adventure gear. Be warned though, it’s important to know your gross maximum weights to ensure vehicle and road safety. For more information on GVM and tares, read our blog How much weight can a 4WD carry?

4. Easy set-up

Take The Shack, our latest Rooftop tent for example, it’s super simple to set up and beats wrestling with tent poles, pegs and guy ropes.

5. Comfort plus

More comfortable than most 3-star hotel beds and sure beats sleeping on the ground, most Rooftop tents come with built-in memory foam mattresses, and The Shack is no different. Forget the hard, cold and often bumpy ground.

6. Camp almost anywhere

One of the huge advantages of having a Rooftop tent is the ability to camp almost anywhere, providing you’re parked on even ground.

What sort of Rooftop Tent should I buy?

Rooftop tents usually come in soft shells or hard tops. The soft shell tents are usually propped up by poles. The hard shell tents such as The Shack feature an insulated roof that provides protection from the sun, inclement weather and also come with an inbuilt memory foam mattress, which means they’re slightly more expensive than the soft shell Rooftop tents, but oh so worth it.

Things to consider when purchasing a Bushwakka Rooftop tent?

Most Rooftop tents can sleep 1-2 adults and a couple of kids at a squeeze. If there’s a whole tribe of you or teenagers who demand their privacy , you may be better off purchasing one of Bushwakka’s extreme campers like the Fakawi.
Look for Rooftop tents that have windows with mesh.This gives you added protection from mozzies, flies and any other flying insects.

Why should I buy The Shack Rooftop Tent?

This beauty is set at a really affordable price for a rooftop tent, With gas-assisted struts, setting up becomes a breeze. It comes with a telescopic ladder with a hook, so you can ascend and descend with ease. The 900D canvas has a waterproof coating for when it rains. Weighing in at a mere 62kg, it’s relatively lightweight and won’t add too much extra weight to your GVM.
Before you purchase a rooftop tent you will need to double check your vehicle is sturdy enough to support the weight of racks, ladder and your tent.
Extra camping/living space can be added by incorporating one of Bushwakka Extreme Awnings. You can even add shower facilities by adding one of the Bushwakka shower ensuites for the complete camping experience.
For more information about The Shack rooftop tent or to place your order for the next incoming shipment, visit our website.

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