Creative Ways to Christmas-ify Your Camping Trip

Creative Ways to Christmas-ify Your Camping Trip

Heading off to the bush this Christmas and feeling a bit low on festive spirit? No worries – we're here to help you sprinkle some holiday magic over your campsite! Get ready to follow our top tips for decking out your camping trip with all the joys of Christmas, ensuring your outdoor holiday is just as jolly as any other year, complemented by Bushwakka's exceptional camping gear.

Festive Campsite Lighting: Elevate your campsite's ambience by masterfully arranging solar-powered Christmas lights. Experiment with various patterns and arrangements - from enchanting light tunnels leading to your tent, to a canopy of stars over your Bushwakka awnings. 

Not only do these lights dazzle, but they also light up pathways, ensuring safety. Opt for lights with multiple settings, so you can switch between lively and tranquil moods as you please.

Decorative Camping Gear: Let your Bushwakka gear shine with holiday splendor. Envelop tent poles in vibrant red and green ribbons, affix charming ornaments to your Rooftop Tent zippers, and drape silver and gold tinsel along awning edges for a sparkling effect. 

A compact, battery-operated Christmas tree, perhaps adorned with lightweight decorations, can turn your camping spot into a cozy, festive nook. Remember, weather-resistant decorations are key for outdoor durability.

Outdoor Christmas Feast: Transform your campsite into a gourmet kitchen this Christmas. With portable grills, whip up festive delights like skewered turkey bites infused with seasonal herbs, grilled brussels sprouts drizzled with balsamic glaze, and a show-stopping fire-roasted apple crumble for dessert. Arrange a dining oasis using Bushwakka's Camp Chairs & Tables, complete with festive tablecloths, twinkling candles, and a hand-crafted centerpiece, creating an unforgettable dining experience under the stars.

Holiday-themed Activities: Fill your camping days with festive fun. Organise a campsite-wide Christmas tree ornament hunt, with handmade or bush-inspired ornaments hidden in nature. 

Host heartwarming storytelling sessions around the campfire, sharing tales of holiday traditions from around the world. Set up a Christmas craft corner where everyone, young and old, can create their own ornaments or decorations, fostering creativity and togetherness.

Gift Exchange in the Wilderness: Make your wilderness gift exchange a highlight of the trip. Designate a special area as 'Santa’s corner', festooned with twinkling lights, rustic decorations, and a makeshift Christmas tree assembled from local branches and adorned with handmade ornaments. 

Incorporate fun gift-giving traditions, such as guessing the giver or sharing heartfelt stories behind each gift choice. A Bushwakka Gift Card tucked inside a handcrafted card can be a thoughtful, practical present for fellow camping enthusiasts.

Christmas Movie Night Under the Stars: Create a magical outdoor movie theatre. Find the perfect spot to hang a large white sheet as your screen, set up a projector, and arrange a comfortable viewing area with pillows and blankets. 

Select a mix of classic and contemporary Christmas films, and provide a snack bar filled with popcorn, homemade hot chocolate, and festive cookies. This cinematic experience under the starry sky will be a cherished memory for everyone. For movie ideas, check out this holiday film guide.

Combining the festive spirit of Christmas with the thrill of camping, and a touch of Bushwakka's practical, quality gear, makes for an extraordinary outdoor holiday experience.


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