Halloween Camping Ideas: Creative Ways To Decorate Your Fawaki For Halloween

Halloween Camping Ideas: Creative Ways To Decorate Your Fawaki For Halloween

The spookiest season of the year is right around the corner, and for those who celebrate it, it means one thing – It’s time to crack open the box of decorations, dust off the skeletons in the closet and get decorating!

For those who might be road-tripping around Australia, living a nomadic life or planning a Halloween weekend away decorating your Van will look a little bit different.. Here at Bushwakka we’re determined to get into the Halloween spirit no matter what, so here are some of our most creative ways to decorate your campsite this Halloween season.


Pumpkin Campsite-Lights

There’s really nothing that screams ‘Halloween’ more than Pumpkins, so no Halloween campsite would be incomplete without a bunch of spooky Pumpkin lights!

Once you’ve pulled up to the campsite and set out your Moon Chair and Camping Table, pull out a handful of light-up Pumpkins, scatter them around your campsite and tell spooky stories by Pumpkin-light once the sun sets.

To make it even more challenging, why not pick up a handful of Pumpkins from your local grocery store and challenge yourself and your family to a Pumpkin Carving Competition, and leave the winning Pumpkin outside your Fakawi as the welcome Pumpkin?

You can get the kids involved and create a super-cool Halloween campsite that the kids can be proud of while they’re there!


Dress up Your Doorway

Hanging skeletons, spooky bats, bedsheet ghosts and cardboard cutouts – They’re all popular ways to dress up your front door when you do Halloween at home, but whoever said you can’t dress up the doorway to your Van and get in the Spooky Spirit while on the road?

You can be as simple or as complicated as you like, but dressing up the front doorway is a great way to get the kids involved and have some fun while you do Halloween on the road. If you choose to let the kids go wild creating cardboard cut-outs for the front door, it’ll even keep them busy for a while so you can get a moment of shut-eye – Or just generally do anything else you’ve been considering doing on holidays!


Create A Creepy-Crawly Awning

Aracnophobes beware – This one may not be for you!

We all know there’s nothing better than spooking some people with hanging things, and the Bushwakka Awning is the perfect setting to make it happen.

Enter: Fake spiderwebs, a whole bunch of stuffing and plenty of small hanging spiders!

The first step once you’ve set up camp and folded out your awning is to make sure the awning is secure for the time you’re there. No sense letting your spiders get swept away in a strong breeze and scaring other campers with flying spiders!

Once your awning is secure, grab some zip-ties and your fake web and start attaching it to the underside of your Awning. You can attach the zip-ties and fake spiderwebs to the freestanding frame under the awning, then stuff some stuffing in between to fill out the space.

Once you’ve added an appropriate amount of spiderweb and stuffing, it’s time to hang your spiders. If you’re camping with kids this is a great way for them to (safely) get involved, and the end result will be a fang-tastic undercover area that you can enjoy for the whole Halloween.


Light Up Your Site with Colour-Change Lighting

Is there really anything cooler than colour-changing lights (particularly when they’re Wi-Fi or Smart Controlled)?

We don’t think so – Which is why no Halloween decor is complete without a bunch of them!

Able to be plugged into one of the Fakawi’s power outlets or powered with the sun through the built-in solar panels, wind a string of lights throughout the underside of your awning to create a spooky undercover area, or grab some zip-ties and colour changing curtain lights and make it rain light around the edge of your awning.

In true Halloween fashion, your lighting set-up wouldn’t be complete if the lights weren’t red or orange, so make sure you get some spooky colours to complete the whole thing and really stand out at night.


Create A Spooky Van of Horrors

For those who are truly dedicated to Halloween and the art of scaring, there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween on the road than by creating your own Spooky Van of Horrors.

Regardless of whether you have Halloween decor at home or not, there are several simple simple ways you can spooki-fy your Fakawi for your next adventure:

  1. Cut out eyes and stick them to the inside of your caravan windows for a spooky on-the-road surprise.
  2. Add a hanging skeleton to the outside of your van door to welcome caravan guests.
  3. Turn your van into a spider's nest and cover the outside with fake spiderwebs.
  4. Draw eyes on old bedsheets and hang spooky ghosts from your Freestanding Awning
  5. Add solar-powered lights to the outside of your van – Even better if you can turn them red or orange!

No Halloween Van of Horrors would be complete without decorating the area around the van as well, so don’t forget a bunch of old Pumpkins to pop around the doorway and wheels!

Whether you’re travelling around Australia or just heading off for a weekend with the kids, there are still plenty of ways to get into the Halloween Spirit with your Bushwakka gear.

If you dress up your Bushwakka Awnings this Halloween season, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see your creations!


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