Introducing the Fawaki Hybrid Camper

Introducing the Fawaki Hybrid Camper

Exciting news for fans of the Bushwakka Fawaki, there’s a new camper trailer in town and it’s a hybrid camper. We’re sure you’re going to love it.

Outdoor features of the Fawaki Hybrid Camper

The new style features on the Fawaki is the front, we’ve taken away the old storage area and integrated it into the front to create additional storage space. The gas bottle holders are located on the front A-frame.

We have integrated a water mains inlet as standard, so if you go, if you are camping at a caravan park you plug it in there. There is a storage facility for your generator and other large items and where your hot water system gets connected.

The offside of the camper features an outdoor light, and cartridge for your toilet. Underneath the fold out bed there’s more storage and your water pump.

At the back of the Fawaki there is space for 20L jerry cans, your spare wheel that conveniently folds away to give you access to an external shower. 

With the shower cubicle, you have access to hot and cold plumbed water. You can have an optional canvas wall that attaches to the awning that folds down in front of the shower to provide you with some privacy. Setting up the cubicle is very easy, there’s only eight clips which you release and your shower cubicle will drop from the top. It features an easy to open zip and also comes with a built-in, removable floor.

The Fawaki Hybrid Camper also provides you with kitchen facilities, there’s a sink plumbed with hot and cold water, burner for cooking, storage, pantry and a custom made Bushwakka chopping board. The outdoor cooking area also includes double power points which is great if you want to run a coffee machine while you are off grid. The Fawaki even comes with a 75L fridge.

Inside features of the Fawaki Hybrid Camper

Moving on to the inside of the Fawaki camper, there is a large bed, seating area for four people that converts into bunk beds. Next to the seating area there is a combination of a shower and electric powered flush toilet. There’s an extractor fan to suck away the steam and reduce moisture and mould. You’ll also find a sink with hot and cold water.

Of course for those of you who can’t live without streaming your favourite Netflix shows on TV. It features a swivel bracket allowing you to move the TV for unrestricted viewing from bed.

The Fawaki features a truckload of storage and there are options for a bunk if necessary.

Now this may blow your mind, but in the bedding area, you actually have ample room so you can walk around the bed and access storage cupboards and drawers

Battery storage is under the bed. As a standard you have the Victron Charge, Inverter

200ah Lithium Batteries and 400w Solar. You’ll also find an air-conditioner and a heater.

There’s plenty of ventilation in the camper for those hot Australian summers. The windows are large, double glazed and feature flyscreen mesh to keep out the pests, as well as block out blinds so you can sleep in when the Queensland Sun is awake by 4.30am.

There you have all the features of the versatile Fakawai Hybrid Camper for an Australian camping adventure, be it a caravan park or offgrid.

Watch the video to see the Fakawi Hybrid Camper

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