Seasoning Your Swag or Rooftop Tent: The Ultimate Adventurer's Guide

Seasoning Your Swag or Rooftop Tent: The Ultimate Adventurer's Guide

As avid adventurers and lovers of the great outdoors, many of us have invested in high-quality gear to make our road trips and outback escapades memorable. Among these investments, a swag or a rooftop tent ranks high. But, before you head off into the sunset, there's a crucial step you need to know about: seasoning your swag or rooftop tent.

What Does It Mean to Season a Swag or Rooftop Tent?

Seasoning doesn't involve the Colonel’s secret herbs and spices, contrary to what the term might suggest! In the world of outdoor gear, 'seasoning' refers to the process of preparing a new swag or tent, specifically to ensure that it's waterproof.

When these tents are manufactured, even if it is with waterproof canvas, they are stitched together, and those needle holes can sometimes allow water to seep through. By seasoning, you're effectively encouraging the threads and fibres around the needle holes to swell and close up any potential entry points for water, ensuring you stay dry even during unexpected downpours.

Why Is It Important?

Waterproofing: As mentioned, seasoning ensures that your tent is watertight. It's essential for campers or roadtrippers who might encounter diverse weather conditions, such as rainy season in the NT or Far North Queensland.

Seasoning can also help increase the lifespan of your tent. By ensuring the fibres are well-settled and sealed, you reduce the risk of wear and tear.

Peace of Mind

Knowing you've properly seasoned your tent means one less thing to worry about. You can be confident in your shelter during your adventures.

How to Season Your Swag or Rooftop Tent:

Set It Up
Erect your swag or rooftop tent as if you were setting up camp. Ensure all the windows and doors are zipped up.

Soak It
Using a hose, spray your tent thoroughly. You want to soak the canvas, paying particular attention to the stitched areas. This water will penetrate the canvas and cause the fibres to swell, sealing those pesky needle holes.

Let It Dry
Allow the tent to air dry completely. It's essential not to pack away a damp tent, as this can lead to mould or mildew. Ensure it's 100% dry.

For best results, you might want to repeat the process a couple of times. Two to three rounds of soaking and drying are often recommended for optimal sealing.

Test It Out
Before you head out on your grand adventure, test the tent by pouring water over it or waiting for a rain shower. Check inside for any signs of leakage.

Over time, after many adventures and exposures to the elements, you might find it beneficial to re-season your tent or apply a canvas waterproofing spray.

While the allure of a new adventure is hard to resist, take some time to season your new swag or rooftop tent. It's a small step that can make a massive difference to the comfort and success of your next road trip or outback adventure. Safe travels, and may your journeys be as dry as the desert and as exciting as a river rapid!

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