Sleeping Under the Stars: Signs You're Ready to Elevate Your Swag to a Rooftop Tent

Sleeping Under the Stars: Signs You're Ready to Elevate Your Swag to a Rooftop Tent

We’ve all been there. Nestled in our swag, the romance of camping pulsating through our veins, until... is that a rock digging into your back? Or perhaps you’ve woken up to find an unexpected puddle inside your leaky old swag after a downpour. If these scenarios sound familiar, it might be time to upgrade to a rooftop tent for summer. Here are some signs that you're overdue for an upgrade from your traditional swag to the Penthouse rooftop tent.

  1. Your Back's Out More Than You Are

If you wake up from your sleeping bag or swag more twisted than a plotline in Netflix’s Ozark, it’s a sign. Bushwakka’s new Penthouse rooftop tent comes with a 7.5cm memory foam mattress, that’s like sleeping on a cloud. You can say goodbye to waddling around like you have rigor mortis.


  1. Local Wildlife Consider Your Swag a Timeshare

You know it's time to upgrade from your old traditional swag when you’re sharing with ants, beetles, and that overly friendly possum. A rooftop tent offers elevation. It’s like having a penthouse suite, and not every critter gets access. Less chance of coming in contact with angry goannas, dingos or wild boars.

  1. You Play "Guess the Mystery Puddle" 

Woke up in a puddle again, even though it’s not the rainy season? Surprise! Condensation loves traditional swags and canvas. Look for rooftop tents with interior ventilation and anti-condensation mats. And even though they’re waterproof, don’t forget to get them seasoned

  1. Your '5-Minute' Swag Setup Takes an Hour

If setting up your swag feels like assembling IKEA furniture without the manual, the quick and intuitive setup of a rooftop tent will feel like a revelation. It’s so simple with gas-assisted struts. No more having to tie down with pegs.


  1. Your Last Camping Trip Turned into an Episode of "Swag vs. Wild"

Between the gusty winds trying to carry you and your swag away and the curious wildlife, if your last camping trip felt like a survival show episode, consider upgrading.

  1. The Only Stars You See Are When You Stand Up Too Fast

If hitting your head every morning has become a ritual and you see stars more from these "accidents" than from the night sky, the spaciousness of a rooftop tent will be a game changer.

Camping is all about enjoying nature and having fun, but if your traditional old swag is becoming the main character in your camping mishaps, it might be time to ascend to greater heights (literally). Elevate your camping game with one of our inflatable swags or a rooftop tent, and enjoy the comfort, convenience, and comedy-free nights! Because let's face it, the only thing we want to be close to nature is our souls, not our spines.

Inflatable Swags Now In Stock

Gone are the days of wrestling with the cumbersome setup of traditional swags. Introducing the future of camping with Bushwakka's revolutionary INFLATABLE Swag. Imagine setting up your cosy overnight accommodation in a mere 10 seconds, all thanks to our efficient hand pump! 

Transition to a world where luxury meets the great outdoors: Not only is this swag designed with high-grade 400G Polycotton that's waterproofed up to 600mm (nb, it still requires seasoning), but it also boasts a resilient 600G PVC floor to withstand even the roughest terrains. 

After a busy day of adventuring you’ll drift off to sleep easily on the ultra-comfortable 50mm foam mattress, and relish the sturdiness provided by our innovative inflatable inner poles. 

Weighing in at a manageable 18.8kgs (gross weight) and packed compactly for your convenience, this swag ensures you camp with class, without being excessively heavy.

The Baby Shack - budget-priced rooftop tent for family
Introducing 'The Baby Shack,' Bushwakka's latest rooftop tent addition that beautifully blends outdoor thrill with home-like luxury. This entry-level tent, with its sleek and aerodynamic profile, not only provides an optimal shelter but also enhances your vehicle's aesthetic appeal. 

Made of premium 900 Denier Polyester Canvas, it promises durability against nature's unpredictable moods. Despite being labelled as "entry-level," it offers unparalleled comfort with a 4.5cm memory foam mattress enclosed in soft cotton. 

An added bonus is the LED light strip for those who cherish a soft nighttime glow. The tent's dimensions when packed are 230  × 152 × 28cm, and when opened, it sprawls to 215×140×157cm. With a gross weight of 105kg and net weight of 70kg, it also features top-notch ventilation and comes with a 2.3m telescoping ladder. Bushwakka offers flexibility in shipping; you can either have it sent to the nearest TNT Depot or arrange your own freight method. If you prefer, pickups from Bushwakka's Gold Coast HQ are also welcomed. 

Our newest premium rooftop tent is The Penthouse. This unique creation is the epitome of luxury camping, marrying innovative design with the essence of the outdoors. The Penthouse is not just a tent, but a statement of style for those who crave adventure without compromising on comfort. Its sleek, aerodynamic design seamlessly aligns with your vehicle's aesthetics, ensuring you stand out even in the most secluded terrains. 

The tent's robust 420gsm Poly-Cotton Canvas and additional custom order options, along with the 7.5cm memory foam mattress, ensures a cosy rooftop retreat. Modern amenities like USB sockets, interior lighting, and a rechargeable fan make it a cut above the rest. With a packing size of 230 × 152 × 36cm and ample space once set up, it's spacious yet compact. 

And if you're worried about setup and freight, fear not! The Penthouse promises easy installation and offers flexible shipping options. Whether you're gazing at stars or basking in the sunrise, Bushwakka ensures a top-notch experience with The Penthouse. Welcome to the next level of camping luxury!

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