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    FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar - 40" - Master Kit

    $3,875.00 AUD
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     The KC FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar is designed to push the boundaries of what a light bar can be. Built as the successor to our original FLEX Array light bars, this bar defies new limits of engineering while building on the strengths of our previous platform. With high-output performance and a flexible design, the FE Bar is like nothing you've seen before.

    Setting a new standard in beam quality and visibility, the KC FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar makes sure you see any obstacle on your trail. Take it up another notch with a flexible design that makes the bar linkable, curvable, and optic changeable. Of course, it stays true to its family with customizable aesthetics, tons of accessories to fine-tune it to your needs, and the legendary KC build quality. Reimagine what's possible with the FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar.

    -High-Output Performance for Unprecedented High-Speed Performance
    -Flexible Design to Adapt the Length, Curvature, and Optics to Your Needs
    -Master Kit includes all Beam Pattern Lenses:
      -Pre-assembled in Combo Beam
      -Spot Beam Lenses Included
    -Two Power Modes:
      -Amber LED Backlight
      -Full Power (off-road use only)
    -Customisable: IP68

    -Straight Product Dimensions: W - 41.36" x H - 2.66" x D - 3.85"
    -Curved Product Dimensions: W - 41.14" x H - 2.66" x D - 3.85"


    -(4) 10" KC® FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar
    -(3) Linker and End Mount Assembly Kit
    -(4) Combo Beam Lens (pre-installed)
    -(4) Spot Beam Lens
    -(4) Light Cover - Black with Yellow KC Logo
    -(1) Complete Plug-N-Play Wiring Harness with Dual-Throw LED Switch

    The 40" FE Bar comes unassembled, allowing you to easily adapt it to your needs right out of the box. With its linkability, each 10" segment joins together through our custom Linker Brackets and Power Linkers. Not only does this join each bar together, but at each linker joint is the opportunity to set the curvature of the light bar between straight and radius configurations. 

    Gone are the days of guessing which beam pattern is best for you. The KC FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar Master Kit bundles the light + both beam pattern lenses + spare o-ring + black and yellow KC logo cover + a complete wiring kit for everything you need to spend less time in the garage and more time out on the trails. Keep the pre-installed Combo Beam Lens for the best all-around performance, or choose to swap to the included Spot Beam Lens for the greatest long-distance visibility.

    We get it, everyone loves to personalize their rig. Our tried and true FLEX LED® tradition ensures that you can customize the colored accent bezel to match your rig. The FE Bar bezels come standard in gold, but you can pick up the bezels in deep red, rich blue, or gloss black to suit your needs.


    The FE Bar helps you stand out in the crowd thanks to its Amber LED backlight. This can be used on-road or off-road, daytime or nighttime, and gives you an added touch of style.

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    4 Years worth of Research & Development
    12 Month Manufacturing Warranty
    Trusted products by thousands of Australians!
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    FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar - 40" - Master Kit

    $3,875.00 AUD