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    FLEX ERA® 4 - Performance Yellow Combo Beam Lens

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    Increase your KC FLEX ERA® 4 LED Light's capabilities with our Combo Beam Lens in Performance Yellow. Blending short and mid-range visibility, this lens provides a versatile beam while benefiting from the brighter, purer yellow illumination perfect for mixed visibility conditions.

    Meet the Performance Yellow Combo Beam Lens for the KC FLEX ERA® 4 LED Light - perfect for those unpredictable off-road adventures. By merging spot and spread optics, this lens delivers a versatile beam pattern, allowing you to see further and wider simultaneously. The vibrant yellow tint optimises visibility, especially in dust and similar conditions. Just like our other lenses, it guarantees protection to the light's internals.

    -Performance Yellow Lens for Enhanced Visibility in Mixed Visibility Conditions
    -Combo Beam Pattern for Broad and Far Illumination
    -Protects Light Internals from the Elements
    -For FLEX ERA® 4 LED Lights

    Exploring unpredictable terrains requires adaptable lighting. With our Performance Yellow Combo Beam Lens, you'll experience both width and depth in illumination. Designed to shine in various environments, it's an upgrade that ensures your KC FLEX ERA 4 Light is always in its prime.

    Wondering about the difference between our Amber Shields and Performance Yellow Lenses? While both enhance visibility in poor conditions, Amber Shields excel in extreme conditions like highly dense dust or silt, with their darker hue minimising glare. On the other hand, our Performance Yellow Lenses offer a purer, brighter yellow output, making them ideal for a broader range of conditions, from dusty locales to clear expanses. Finally, the Ambers are snap-on shields that work with a clear lens. Whereas the Performance Yellow Lenses will be a direct replacement for the lens in the light itself, rather than a snap-on shield.

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    FLEX ERA® 4 - Performance Yellow Combo Beam Lens

    $30.00 AUD