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    6" Pro6 Gravity® Light cover - Smiley Face Yellow / Black KC Logo

    $35.00 AUD
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    Product Information

    The KC 6" Black Plastic light cover is designed to fit and protect all KC Gravity® Titan/Pro6 LED Lights. Each light cover is sold separately.

    Add a touch of personality to your ride with the KC Gravity® Titan/Pro6 6" Smiley Face Cover. This iconic cover is adorned with our classic Yellow Smiley Face logo. And it doesn't just look great – it helps you stay street-legal. These covers quickly snap onto your lights, ensuring that your off-road setup complies with local lighting regulations when on public roads. Each light shield is sold individually.

    -Durable Polycarbonate Light Cover
    -Iconic KC Smiley Face Design in Yellow with Black Lettering
    -Easy Install, Securely Clips On
    -Fits KC Gravity® 6" Titan or Pro6 Lights
    -Sold Individually

    Embrace the off-road spirit even when you're on the streets with KC's Smiley Face Covers. Beyond their iconic look, these covers provide a practical solution for off-road light regulation compliance. Whether you're in the city or the wilderness, show off your style and keep your lights protected. The Smiley Face Cover: a perfect blend of KC heritage and practical functionality.

    Additional Information

    4 Years worth of Research & Development
    12 Month Manufacturing Warranty
    Trusted products by thousands of Australians!
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    6" Pro6 Gravity® Light cover - Smiley Face Yellow / Black KC Logo

    $35.00 AUD