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    FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar - 10" Light Shield - Amber

    $30.00 AUD
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    These Amber Shields quickly and easily snap onto the face of all KC FLEX ERA® Light Bars. Sold individually in 10" segments.

    Ever found yourself off-roading in thick dust or silt, a snow flurry, or a surprise downpour? With our Amber Shields, you can instantly adjust your FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar to shine just right for these tricky moments. Not only do they boost visibility in those 'uh-oh' conditions, but they also give your light bar an extra layer of defense against Mother Nature's curveballs. Enhance your ride and stay safe out on the trail with these Amber Shields that quickly snap onto your FLEX ERA LED Light Bars.

    -Amber Light Shield for KC® FLEX ERA® LED Light Bars
    -Easy Install - Securely Clips onto FLEX ERA® LED Light Bars
    -Sold Individually in 10" Segments

    Ever wondered about the difference between our Amber Shields and Performance Yellow Lenses? While both enhance visibility in poor visibility conditions, Amber Shields will excel in extreme conditions like highly dense dust or silt, with their darker hue minimising glare superbly. On the other hand, our Performance Yellow Lenses offer a purer, brighter yellow output, making them great for a broader range of conditions from dust to wide-open and clear environments.

    Boost your adventure with KC's FLEX ERA® lights and light bars - among the most powerful LED options out there. Our Amber Shields not only enhance your FLEX ERA Bar's performance in the dust but also shield against the elements, letting you Adventure Further® with confidence.

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    4 Years worth of Research & Development
    12 Month Manufacturing Warranty
    Trusted products by thousands of Australians!
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    FLEX ERA® LED Light Bar - 10" Light Shield - Amber

    $30.00 AUD