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    Braai Grid

    $199.00 AUD
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    Product Information

    It’s life’s simple pleasures we long to embrace when we hit the road to explore the great outdoors and getting back to basics is exactly the type of enjoyment our 100% stainless steel Braai Grid promotes. The good food type of enjoyment, that is.

    Designed for multiple cooking styles, food groups and delectable dishes, the Braai Grid spans 500mm in diameter – that’s half a metre wide – and stands at 230mm/23cm high with the three legs extended.

    In other words, it’s the perfect size to cook up a proper square meal that’ll put hairs on your chest and some sustenance under your vest.

    As always, compact practicality – or “COMPRACTICALITY” as we like to call it – is at the forefront and is just one of our many design talents here at OZ Braai HQ, and our Braai Grid didn’t slip through the cracks in terms of ensuring it has the ability to literally slip through cracks! Large cracks, anyway. 

    We’ve lost you. We mean it folds completely flat, so it’s extremely practical, and in it’s hardy canvas carry bag, it’ll slide in alongside all your gear in a flash.

    Stand it over the campfire or the backyard firepit and “Voilà!”, you’ve got yourself a red-hot braai platform to place your meat, fish, boerewors (kind of resembling a “couple-a-snags” for Australians), skilpadjies and braaibroodjies, pots of veggies, a baked potato dish and our awesome new OZ Camp Billy.

    High-grade 100% Stainless Steel. Tough, rust and corrosion-resistant; withstanding of extreme heats, food-safe, easy to clean and very hygienic – it’s the reason surgical instruments are made from the stuff! 

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    4 Years worth of Research & Development
    12 Month Manufacturing Warranty
    Trusted products by thousands of Australians!
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    Braai Grid

    $199.00 AUD