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    Carbon Offroad 8 Tonne x 9 Metre Snatch Strap

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    Carbon Snatch Strap Recovery Rope Information

    The Carbon Offroad Snatch Strap should be a staple part of your recovery kit. Often the quickest and easiest way to remove a 4wd from being stuck it's an essential item in any kit. Pro-Tip, it's often easier to snatch a vehicle out the same way they got stuck in, rather than trying to continue pulling them through an obstacle.

    A snatch strap is a piece of equipment used to help in the recovery of vehicles bogged in sand or mud. The Carbon Snatch straps are manufactured from Nylon webbing that is capable of approximately 20% stretch under load. This stretching property allows the strap to store kinetic energy, which is used to recover vehicles from being stuck.

    This is a must have for any 4wd beach goer and the two soft shackles make it easier to attach the snatch strap to both the vehicles.

    The Carbon Snatch Strap conforms to Australian label legislation

    Carbon Snatch Strap Features -

    • 8000kg Rating

    • 9 metres Long

    • 60mm wide webbing

    • Made from 100% Nylon

    • Bright orange for low light recoveries

    • Includes handy velcro strap tidy

    • Conforms to Australian label legislation 

    • Reinforced strap ends for durability

    • Multi-stitched loop ends for strength

    • UV /chemical resistant

    • Includes care and use instructions 

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    12 Month Manufacturing Warranty
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    Carbon Offroad 8 Tonne x 9 Metre Snatch Strap

    $69.95 AUD