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    GEN-Y HITCH Glyder Torsion-Flex Hitch

    $1,200.00 AUD
    Tax included.

    Product Information

    The Glyder (Torsion-Flex) Ball Mount is a lightweight product that offers several benefits to its users.

    What really sets this product apart is its use of GEN Y’s patented TORSION-FLEX technology. This technology allows the truck and trailer to glide down the road eliminating the jarring and shock transfer of a standard 2” ball mount. 

    The Australian delivered Glyder is NOT the same as the USA product. We have remanufactured the product to higher standards to pass Australian testing and laws.

    The Glyder helps provide one of the smoothest and safest towing experiences available. Whether you’re towing lightweight campers, teardrop trailers, small landscape trailers, or even boats, this hitch will get you where you need to go while keeping you and your cargo safe and sound! 

    Geared toward the lighter towing market, the Glyder is an affordable and quality hitch. There are also many attachments available for our product, meaning the possibilities are endless!

    *Ball not included.

    • 2″ Shank
    • 2″ Drop or 4″ Rise or 6″ Drop or 8″ Rise
    • 280KG Tongue Weight
    • Ball platform with 1″ diameter ball shank size
    • Fabricated with Heavy Duty Steel
    • Heavy Duty Rubber Torsion Flex Cords, Eliminates Shock Transfer
    • Precision Milled and Drilled
    • No Airbag to Maintain, No Bearings to Crush or Wear Out, Virtually Maintenance Free

    Additional Information

    4 Years worth of Research & Development
    12 Month Manufacturing Warranty
    Trusted products by thousands of Australians!
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    GEN-Y HITCH Glyder Torsion-Flex Hitch