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    MAXTRAX Rope Dampener

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    The MAXTRAX ROPE DAMPENER has been designed and tested as part of the MAXTRAX RECOVERY SYSTEM. The MAXTRAX RECOVERY SYSTEM is comprised solely of MAXTRAX products and has not been tested with any third party branded products. Critically, if the MAXTRAX RECOVERY SYSTEM is overloaded the MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE is designed to be the weakest link, and the expected point of failure. Accordingly, YOU MUST USE a MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE in the MAXTRAX RECOVERY SYSTEM during any vehicle recovery. Position the MAXTRAX ROPE DAMPENER near the MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE. The MAXTRAX ROPE DAMPENER can be connected to a Rope Loop with a MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE. Only use rated recovery points when using the MAXTRAX RECOVERY SYSTEM.

    1. Visually inspect the MAXTRAX ROPE DAMPENER and the MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE to ensure they are undamaged and in a safe and usable condition.
    2. Prepare the MAXTRAX ROPE DAMPENER by placing weighted material or objects such as sand or water bottles into the two sleeves.
    3. Close the MAXTRAX ROPE DAMPENER Sleeves by folding over the edge 2 times and securing the clips.
    4. Using a MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE feed the open MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE through the loop on the MAXTRAX ROPE DAMPENER and then through the rope loop of a MAXTRAX KINETIC ROPE, MAXTRAX STATIC ROPE, or MAXTRAX WINCH ROPE next to the attached MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE in the Recovery System.
    5. Slide the MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE loop over the knot and pull both sides of the MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE to tighten the loop, positioning the knot so that the loop pulls at 90 Degrees next to the knot.
    6. Drape the MAXTRAX ROPE DAMPENER over the attached Rope or allow to hang down.

    420 Denier Oxford Nylon and Polypropylene Webbing
    Weight: 320g
    Dimensions: 53cm x 39cm unfilled

    The various components of the MAXTRAX RECOVERY SYSTEM are of high quality, but due to the very nature of their potential use, or misuse, they are susceptible to severe wear and tear, and to damage such as nicks, cuts, tears, fraying, burns and abrasion. Always carefully inspect MAXTRAX RECOVERY SYSTEM components before each use for wear and tear, cuts, nicks, abraded, burned, melted and frayed areas. DO NOT USE the product if it is damaged, cut, frayed, burned, melted, abraded or partially unwound OR does not have a clearly legible warning label fitted. To help prolong the life of your MAXTRAX RECOVERY SYSTEM components, they should be washed off, rinsed with clean fresh water and air dried at the earliest opportunity after use. To protect from external environmental weather factors, components should be stored inside the MAXTRAX RECOVERY KIT BAG.

    It is recommended that the minimum breaking strength of the strap should be between 2 and 3 times the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of any vehicle it is used with. It is advised that the strap must be suited to the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of the lighter of the 2 vehicles used in the recovery process.

    Use only MAXTRAX Recovery products in the MAXTRAX RECOVERY SYSTEM. YOU MUST ALWAYS USE a MAXTRAX FUSE SHACKLE in the MAXTRAX RECOVERY SYSTEM for each vehicle recovery.

    a) Persons intending to use the strap should consider completing a nationally recognised four-wheel drive training course, or contact a four-wheel drive club for comprehensive advice on the proper selection and use of the strap
    b) the strap must not be used for lifting or conventional towing
    c) the persons intending to use the strap must ensure the strap is not damaged and is in a usable condition
    d) the straps strength and stretch are reduced when the strap is saturated with water
    e) an object such as a recovery damper, heavy bag or blanket must be draped over the strap during use to reduce any unintentional rebound of the strap
    f) before attempting the vehicle recovery, passengers of the vehicles involved must:
    (i) exit the vehicles
    (ii) stand as far away from the vehicles as possible
    (iii) avoid standing in the path of the vehicle performing the recovery

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    MAXTRAX Rope Dampener

    $69.00 AUD