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    MegaPro 5000kg 50mm tow bar mounted soft shackle compatible recovery hitch

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    Product Information

    The Carbon Offroad MegaPro Tow hitch receiver recovery point is a premium multi fit recovery point allowing 5 different mounting orientations to suit all types of 50mm reciever hitches whether they be shallow or deep style. 

    The recovery point is manufactured from high grade 6061 T6 Aluminium and is carefully CNC machined to a beautiful finish. The recovery point is then anodised in a high grade Type 3 Hard Anodised finish which allows years of trouble free use. At only 1.2kg it is significantly lighter than other similar options on the market.

    The tow hitch mount recovery point also has a smooth edged radius cut into the shackle mount, allowing safe use with a synthetic rope soft shackle attachment. It is also designed to accept a 4.25T size Steel bow shackle as well. Either attachment method is available and safe with our recovery point. 

    Horizontal and vertical shackle point mounting options. 

    One of the great features of the Carbon Offroad tow hitch mounted recovery point is that it is versatile. You can use a soft shackle or steel bow shackle with it and you can also mount it with the mounting eye facing upwards or facing sideways. Some examples of how this can help you in setting up a recovery: 

    1. With the mounting eye facing up the shackle is free to move in the lateral plane, this means that if you are in a situation where the recovering vehicle is not able to get directly in front of the vehicle being recovered, the shackle is able to bend towards the angle of pull without strain or side loading on the hitch eye. 
    2. With the mounting eye facing out sideways, the shackle is free to move in the vertical plane, if the recovery vehicle is up hill or down hill from the vehicle being recovered, this then allows the shackle to line up with the angle of pull whether it be above or below the mounting point position. This means it is able to transfer load safely into the hitch mount. 

    Check out the images to see the two mounting options with both soft shackles and steel bow shackles. 


    See the last few images above from Nata accredited testing by Mechtest in Brisbane Australia

    The Carbon Megapro Tow Hitch didn't fail, but the mounting pin failed at almost 20 Tonne

    The hitch had only a slight deformation from the bent pin.

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    4 Years worth of Research & Development
    12 Month Manufacturing Warranty
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    MegaPro 5000kg 50mm tow bar mounted soft shackle compatible recovery hitch

    $56.00 AUD